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                Brand profile

                Foshan Yujia Ceramics Co., Ltd. is located in China's famous ceramic base-Foshan Nanzhuang, is a set marketing, service in one of the modern ceramic enterprises. Adhering to the "respect for science, people-oriented" business principles, the royal ceramic tile has been advocating and practicing the "market-oriented, customer-centric" service concept, committed to building ceramics as the core products, with comprehensive competitive strength of the diversified, international excellent enterprises.


                Yujia since the founding of the 2013, efforts to cultivate a spirit of hardship marketing team, and constantly ploughing domestic and foreign markets, has now established a sound market system and marketing system, marketing network throughout the home and abroad.
                in the joint efforts of all my colleagues, Royal Tile quickly in the industry and the market has been recognized, has won the "China Ceramic Industry of the Year excellent brand", "China's ceramic industry in the annual project user favorite brand", "2015 Chinese designers preferred to recommend marble tile brand" and other honors, and was named "Top ten brands of marble tiles."


                Yujia advocate Space application integration, the designer team often in-depth building materials market, according to the actual needs of end consumers, build rich and mature product system, to provide consumers with professional overall space decoration solutions.


                Yujia main products have a variety of specifications of 55° soft light brick and marble tiles, product design to the world's rare stone as inspiration source. The designer deeply digs the essence of the original stone, integrates with the art and the life, and gives its unique charm to the cultural connotation, creates the extremely artistic esthetic feeling and the luxurious makings the ceramic tile quality, by the high-end consumer, the designer, the decoration company as well as the collection personage's favor.


                Yujia 55° soft light, what is soft light brick? Refers to the brick surface reflection between the strong light and weak light of a class of tiles, both bright-colored tiles of high-profile, but also matte-like ceramic tile low-key introverted. As a new product category, the most special soft light brick is to reduce the reflective rate, to achieve the human visual feeling the best comfort, as well as the decorative effect of no light pollution. After nearly two years of precipitation, the soft light brick is not the most important, but in the market and industry occupies a seat.


                Yujia will be a new concept, unique perspective and innovative model, will be the exhibition hall to create the industry's first new Chinese style vane. What the royal family transmits is:
                Chinese decoration. Choose the Yujia


                The future, the Yujia ceramic tile will continue to build ceramic industry in China's development and expansion of its own responsibility, continue to build high-end comfortable living space for the purpose, and constantly improve product quality and service quality,
                to promote the development of the world's ceramic technology and mature, and strive to create a humanistic feeling and fashion style of the habitat environment!

                Attention Yujia:     Marketing Center: Guangdong Province Foshan Shancheng District Nanzhuang Huaxia Ceramics Expo City Taub four Road two  | Tel:0757-82562333 | 中文版
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